Wednesday, December 29, 2010

END-to-End 1D/2D Mobile Barcode Solution

The world is go on with modern technolagy very fast.In past most of people use bar-code system to store
datas in many goods.But it cant store big details like a web page or even bigger than something more.But
the solution has today.
                                  It is QR Code system.You can store a link to a web page,contact details,or other any kind of informations in this code system.You can translate your datas to QR code system using i-nigma.
This web site provide tou all accesaries to use QR code system.When there a QR any where U need a
Device(Mobile phone) to read that code.i-nigma web site give you the software .You can get it from here.

             Follow the process:

The QR code is some thing like this

This code system is more effective and useful than other code systems.You can learn further details on here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Colourize your desktop with CircleDock

    Now you can manage your desktop  more easy with CircleDock.
It is a application (Likes ObjectDock) that manage your desktop shortcuts
with a stylish way..!.You can see how desktop looks when it adds .
Looks nice huh!...You can manage it with lot more themes

Now you can download it from here.